Monday, May 24, 2010

Molly makeover...

I am still in my "doll period" but this time I want to talk about a project that does not involve crochet or knitting.  Here's the story; on my previous forays for treasure at  various thrift shops around town I couldn't help but notice the irresistable bunch dolls all piled up in bins. Such a sad but hopeful hodgepodge of dolls in various states of undress and "hairdo's". Usually I take 1 or 2 home with me with plans to "fix it up" and give it away to a child. Afterall, oftentimes these dolls are still in very good condition. It's usually the hair that's the problem...or lack thereof I should say. But then who hasn't cut their Barbie's hair? No matter how careful you were the sides would be uneven and you'd cut some more ending up with a shorn headed doll.

Then there are the nappy headed dolls that once sported golden, silky locks to style and play with. Sometimes merely "playing" with the hair causes it to frizz, terribly, even though the doll comes with a brush. Naturally one would assume that it can take some brushing without frizzing but alas this is not always the case on some of the cheaper dolls or at least the ones with "cheap hair".

So my latest makeover is an American Girl wannabe called "Our Generation ", which is sold at places like Target for a fraction of the AG price. To date, I have found 3 of them; one was brand new and had been donated by Target because of packaging damage. The other two were more careworn. Both of these had clean cloth bodies and intact limbs and eyes. One had a blonde fro that would have been legendary back in the disco days of the 70's. I already cut most of it off before I decided to blog about this but one can imagine the look, I'm sure.

These dolls have bodies and  faces VERY similar to the AG. And yes, I realize that they are merely a cheap imitations so please, if you are an AG fan I am NOT belittling AG products in any way. And I realize that AG dolls retain their value and etc. I'm simply talking about saving a doll from the landfill and re-making it for some child to have and play with.

The AG and Our Generation dolls wear a size 12/13 wig, something I just learned on the internet. Cruising the internet also proved to be a good way to locate doll wigs as I found a very good brunette shoulder length one from JuJus Dolly Mall. It just arrived today and it looks great. Would rather have had a long wig that can be put in a pony tail but this being my first wig purchase, I wasn't sure about it.

The wig will be glued on using Aleenes glue as per a utube instructional video. Then she'll get some new, handsewn clothes and she'll be good to go.

This is how she looked when I got her...someone was scissor happy.

Cutting all the hair off to prepare for wig. 

DONE! Now, doesn't that feel better?

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