Saturday, May 22, 2010

So darned cute that I'm SPEECHLESS....

Y'all, where have I BEEN???? How did I miss the adorably cute, clever, whimsical, funny, super fantastic pattern by Cid Hanscom called "Balloon Tying Creations"? The pattern consists of 10 animals that are knit in the round using colorful sock yarns. Shaping is done with simple decreases and increases.

The finished creatures resemble a string of sausages , albeit colorful ones,that one might see hanging in a neighborhood deli but that's where the FUN begins...The "sausage" shapes are then twisted and tied "balloon animal style"to create the fabulously loveable animals we have all grown to love. I am so obsessed with the ingenuity of this pattern and CAN NOT WAIT to get my hands on my copy, which I found at Paradise Fibers.

There are so many cute toy patterns to be found by so many clever folks but once in a while a pattern goes over and above the realm of cuteness to hold a lofty position all it's own. This multifaceted toy is so appealing on so many levels; fun & easy to make, utilizes beautful sock yarn, (particularly appealing to those of us who love sock yarn but don't like to make socks), adorable finished creatures & a wonderful "action" toy for children to take apart and re-do over & over again. Then there's the nostalgic look of the animals. They bring back one's own childhood memories of clowns and balloon animals without the annoying screeching and oftentimes startling popping of balloons.

Y'all have not heard the last of this!! I will be blogging again once my pattern gets here.

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  1. These are amazing. I've seen plenty of balloons tied in this way but never knitted animals. They're fantastic.