Monday, May 10, 2010

This was fun...

Talk about fun and laughter, we recently had a virtual prom in the Desert Garden Farms group on Ravelry. I have forgotten how it all started but participants were to upload their prom pictures to the thread by a certain date to be eligible for judging.

Jennifer's husband got the dubious honor of picking the Prom Queen and I got to create and award the prize. Included in the prize package was of course your mandatory tiara, which I found at Walmart, a prom queen figurine, a customized Barbie fashioned after the winner and of course some fibery goodness in a  favorite color of the chosen queen.

My favorite part, other than seeing the pictures themselves, was creating the custom Barbie outfit based upon the winner's dress.

In this case the dress was a classic red one shoulder number in what seemed to be knit fabric. Due to the simple lines of the dress it was easy enough to reproduce for Barbie. My main problem was finding a Barbie that was not platinum blonde and didn't have severe bangs as I was trying to reproduce the hairstyle as well.
Here's a photo of the dress I made on a doll that didn't make the "cut". I ended up using a different Barbie with brown hair, which matched the winner much better but forgot to get a full length shot of her.

Here's the final version...

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