Monday, June 21, 2010

Just in time for the summer solstice...

The Crochet Uncut Summer 2010 issue hit the digital world yesterday. The editor of the publication, Darlisa Riggs has done a very nice job with it, as usual. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article about crocheting a wedding dress by Cindi Brown and am so impressed with the results of her effort. The dress is simple but elegant and looks beautiful on her.

Also of note is the wedding garter designed by Darlisa. It is lovely and lacey and has the customary blue ribbon woven through it. Beautiful! It's a pattern I will store away for future bridal needs.

The childs Mango sundress is too cute, with it's bright & cheerful color scheme and equally bright & cheerful model. Adorable!! The dress is crocheted out of Wolle's cotton color change yarn, with extra long color runs. I've purchased this yarn before and just love it. Oh & this design too was from Darlisa Riggs.

One of my projects is in the issue as well. It is a very simple tote constructed out of bulky 100% cotton yarn which was "harvested" from an unraveled sweater. Strips of colorful tee shirts are then woven through the rows of double crochet for a splash of color as well as to add strength & thickness to the tote.

This tote, with the blue t-shirt strips was inspired by a recent trip to Panama City Beach, Florida.

The first tote I made, (pictured here), was inspired by my family reunion at Fort Morgan Beach, Alabama in April.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Does it get any better than this....

Few things in life taste as good to me as the first of the summer tomatoes. There's nothing like them, Nothing! No hothouse tomato will ever taste as good as this one, no matter how many botanists and food engineers try. And the fact that we can only have these for a few short months makes them even more precious. Now excuse me while I go find some Hellmann's mayonnaise, salt, pepper & super fresh white bread. I am about to enjoy a southern delicacy, worthy of being called Ambrosia but commonly known as the Tomato sandwich. Yummmm!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

88 degrees in the shade....A bit of coolness...

...for the eyes anyway. It's hot down here already but that generally is status quo so I'm not complaining.
I have several items in the works, but not too many I can talk about yet. My July/August copy of Crochet Today came the day before yesterday and as usual I love the compilation of patterns! It's such a treat to just put my feet up and browse through it, earmarking cute patterns as I go.

Friday, June 4, 2010

It's a "Citron" day...

TGIF y'all! In case you are one or two of the people in the knitting world who don't know what "Citron" is, (other than a fruit), I'm referring to the pattern published in the online magazine, Knitty (Winter 2009 issue), designed by the supremely talented Hillary Smith Callis.

This pattern is going "viral" as well it should. What a wonderful, easy but not boring, design!! Although it was published in a winter issue this pattern is lending itself very nicely to being made into a "just enough coverage & warmth" summer shawlette. I am making mine in Lotus sock yarn which is a bamboo/merino/silk/nylon mix. The color is a cool undyed off-white, which is very uncharacteristic of my usual bold color tastes. This yarn is the color of our sand down here in the Gulf Coast region. I should re-name my version "Sand" in homage to our beaches and the presently pristine sand.

Some of my "peeps" enjoying the Gulf coast beach ~ April 2010 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A kiss & a peck & a hug around the neck...

Yay, finished objects. The first is the "Uncrabby Crab" by cheezombie. I adore her cute patterns and recently purchased a "3-pack" of her patterns from her Cheezombie Etsy store. The package allows one to choose their own grouping of 3 patterns. I chose the "Uncrabby Crab", "Baby Bird" & her signature pattern, "Garden Slug"...all adorable and funny in their own right.

Currently I am trying to make up a bunch of baby items for charity and am getting a little tired of the "same old, same old" so I used the "Uncrabby Crab" pattern to make a baby rattle, using Red Heart Baby Soft yarn for easy care and a cat toy (ball with a bell in it) for the rattle mechanism. Can't wait to make the other 2, which will become rattles as well. Am also knitting a simple baby hat to go with the rattle.

The second finished object is a shawlette or shoulder hugger for my sister-in-law. I used almost 4 skeins of "Poems" by Wisdom Yarn Company. For the shawlette, I simply cast  a bunch of stitches onto an extra long circular needle cord and worked in garter stitch. I added 2 rows of eyelet stitch, somewhat randomly placed, and shaped the piece in the last several rows by making decreases along the back section of the shawlette.
Here's what the Gulf Coast beaches looked like this past weekend...gorgeous and sad, when you think about what the current is bringing....each day that the beach looks like this is a blessing, even on the most  average of days, but it's especially poignant now and a moment to savor.