Friday, June 4, 2010

It's a "Citron" day...

TGIF y'all! In case you are one or two of the people in the knitting world who don't know what "Citron" is, (other than a fruit), I'm referring to the pattern published in the online magazine, Knitty (Winter 2009 issue), designed by the supremely talented Hillary Smith Callis.

This pattern is going "viral" as well it should. What a wonderful, easy but not boring, design!! Although it was published in a winter issue this pattern is lending itself very nicely to being made into a "just enough coverage & warmth" summer shawlette. I am making mine in Lotus sock yarn which is a bamboo/merino/silk/nylon mix. The color is a cool undyed off-white, which is very uncharacteristic of my usual bold color tastes. This yarn is the color of our sand down here in the Gulf Coast region. I should re-name my version "Sand" in homage to our beaches and the presently pristine sand.

Some of my "peeps" enjoying the Gulf coast beach ~ April 2010 

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