Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'll have a Mystic Curly Q Smoothie, please...

Nope,I'm not talking about one of those supposedly healthy blended fruit, wheatgerm and tofu drinks. I'm talking about YARN! Red Heart has come out with new yarns this season that I am really excited about.
This is Mystic in the Cornflower color and it's a worsted weight. The fiber content is 70% acrylic & 30% alpaca. It is soft without the itch that some alpaca yarns have. That's a real plus for me as I find Kidsilk Haze unbearably scratchy, seriously.  Each skein is 154 yards and has a recommended knitting needle size of a US 7  and K-10.5 crochet hook. Oh and the look is soft & a little shiny.It will be good for scarves and shawls due to it's drapiness but I want to make some toys with it as well. Loving this blue!!

curly q
Next up is Curly Q in the Totally Teal colorway. Isn't the color fantastic? I'm a wee bit partial to blue. This yarn is chubby (super bulky) and stretchy and just a lot of fun. The fiber content is 94% acrylic, 5 % polyester & 1 % spandex. The ball has 150 yards and the recommended knitting needle is a US size 13. I've been swatching this one and see so many possiblities for this yarn. The stretch aspect makes this yarn especially interesting to me. LOVE it!

Finally, here's Smoothie in Slipper Pink. Isn't it sweet and dainty? This shiny 100% acrylic yarn comes in a very generous 218 yard ball. Recommended needle size is US 7 and H-8 crochet hook. This would make a nice shopping bag I think. LOVE the smoothness of this yarn.

I'll be swatching these and uploading pictures in the very near future. Until then don't forget about the Design Coming Out Party giveaway, which closes on September 22nd. Included in the giveaway are skeins of 2 of these wonderful new yarns (not the ones pictured 'cause these are MINE); 1 skein of Curly Q in the Calypso colorway & a skein of Smoothie in the Lime colorway, as well as a couple more previously mentioned skeins, so y'all can try it too.

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