Thursday, September 9, 2010

Petite Purls Fall 2010 Issue, Adorable Cuteness

Don't you just love this Petite Purls Beach Bag? I got it in their shop. Adorable!

Y'all, the fall 2010 issue of Petite Purls came out 2 days ago and it is chock full of adorable designs and ideas. In addition there are many wonderful articles to inspire our creative sides.

Fall is always an exciting renewal time for me. Time to begin a "new" (school) year. After spending so many years marking milestones & passages of time by the school year, both as a student and as a mother, it just makes sense to me to consider this time of year a renewal.

So with the "new" year comes new teachers, schools & activities. The exciting Fall 2010 issue of Petite Purls is full of designs for fresh, classic back to school knitting, crocheting & sewing. Remember what it was like to start the new school year ? All the new school supplies, lunch box and shoes? This issue has sweaters & frilly socks & a backpack & lunch bag & notebook cover and so many other exciting things to make for the children in your life.

Notebook cover designs "in the works". The final design was the black & white version, which can be found in the current issue. Many thanks to Cascade Yarn Company for their generous yarn support.


  1. Hope you liked the photos, I tried so hard to get an older girl but no one would cooperate!!! I Adore those binder covers. So cute.

  2. As always your photography is over the moon adorable! Thanks for a cutie pie photo!