Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bad Me.

Boy I sure have been bad about blogging. I have so much to share and can't yet. There are a couple of patterns due out this month, (one for beginner crocheter's and the other for beginning knitters).Once these patterns are released there will be a contest of sorts, one that I mentioned during my last contest.

I'm working on a hush hush secret design, which is a biggie but it is so whimsical & fun, my favorite combination. There's another colorful design that was finished and mailed about a month ago. It is knitted out of a new yarn by Coats & Clark that I think you will LOVE! Seriously, we will re-visit this topic, I promise!

Other than the confidential projects previously mentioned, I have several things "in-the-works". There's the Southern Lights Cowl, by Tracie Barrett . I love this pattern. It's fast, easy & the mobius design makes me feel downright mathematical. Also, the pattern features the foundation chain double crochet. A fun and time-saving techniques to learn. Southern Lights Cowl

Next I still have a Citron by Hilary Smith Callis on the needles, which I REALLY need to finish.Unfortunately it's done in off-white yarn so it's a wee bit boring to knit; not the pattern mind you, just the pattern in MY color choice. The overall design itself is fantastic and I love it! Next one will be in color though.

From WAY back in Unfinished Objects Land, there are several unfinished items, just waiting to be freed from their project bag purgatory. One is the Balloon Tying Creations Monkey by Cid Hanscom,  such a super clever design. Then there is my Marmot design, which I simply MUST get done in time for Marmot day in February. This is not all, but these are the only forlorn, neglected projects that I will admit to.

Here's what has caught my fancy of late. Doll houses. In fact, I am so stuck on pondering over this design that it wakes me up at night. or rather upon waking up during the night, design ideas pop into my head. Love when that happens, as long as such ideas can be remembered upon waking for the day.

My friend Jennifer & I were brainstorming about knitted or crocheted doll house designs and latched on to a fairy/elf/gnome house idea instead of the traditional. A design search on Ravelry came up with a cornucopia of ideas for houses as well as the little "people" to live in them. Two patterns REALLY struck me. One is the Fairy Hideaway by Karla Fitch, which I already own thanks to the generosity of a summer swap buddy on Ravelry.
fairy hideaway
The second pattern is The Gnome Home by Katie Startzman of Hedgehog Lane. This pattern is FANTASTIC! It is a plethora of multi-crafting that tickles me to no end. I adore multi-crafting! And friends, if you haven't seen this design, do so immediately. Just flipping through the pattern makes me smile, no kidding. Now the challenge will be to forget all the uber cleverness associated with her design, so as not to copy it when I make up my own design, which I plan to do. It's something I am now compelled to do, even before I purchased her pattern. That being said, I really must make up her pattern as well, just for the sheer joy of making.

Last but not least, my copy of Felt Wee Folk by Salley Mavor arrived in the mail yesterday. The final ingredient to my elf/fairy/gnome world musings. Oh & this book is fantastic and has something for crafters of all skill levels.  The little folks seem to be quite easy to construct thanks to Salley's wonderfully written & illustrated directions. So simple in fact that children should be able to manage creating these wee people. Granted the embroidery parts require a certain dexterity and skill but these folks would be adorable even without the fancy stitching. On the other hand, a skilled embroiderer could find these dolls enchanting and fun to make as well.
gnome stuff
A final word on my latest obsession. Now is a good time to be planning this elf/fairy/gnome house as the stores are well stocked with Christmas ornaments, which means,miniatures; lots & lots of miniatures with which to outfit/furnish my house. So now I'm finding myself perusing the ornaments, looking for tiny furnishings and whatnots. Another hint for would-be gnome house enthusiasts; trees. The shelves are full of miniature trees as well.gnome home


  1. Omg, that Fair Hideaway looks amazing! I need to make one!

  2. I would like to add that you have great taste in patterns. Thank you for all the links. I LOVE the Balloon Monkey! I am trying to locate a online store to buy it from right now. It's so cute!