Monday, December 20, 2010

60 Minute Scarf ...

My daughter is really into the faux fur trims and collars this year. So, here we are at crunch time for Christmas preparations and I had an idea. Nothing like a little adrenaline rush of last minute projects to get the old brain working.

60 Minute Scarf (sewing)
1 yd 60 inch wide Faux fur
1 yard satin lining material in coordinating color
Sharp dress makers shears or rotary blade cutter & cutting matt
Ruler or other straight edge for use as cutting guide
Matching sewing thread & sharp needle
Sewing machine

•Prepare the faux fur; lay fur material flat, fold in half lengthwise to the desired width for the scarf, with pile running up and down lengthwise. Cut along fold. Trim material on opposite side to desired width. Use this excess fabric to accent a matching pair of gloves.
•Sew the two pieces together to make extra long scarf; with right sides facing, pin together along the short edge and carefully sew, (see following picture).For neater appearance, notice the direction of the pile, sew the 2 pieces so that the pile on both sides lays in the same direction. For example, when wearing the scarf the pile faces downwards on both sides.
Fig 1 seam 2 together
•Cut lining material the same length as scarf and about 4 inches less in width than the scarf. Piece together to obtain length as in previous directions for fur.For ease in cutting, using a grid cutting matt, fold the satin carefully and affix to the board with cellophane tape to keep the fabric from slipping. Cut using rotary cutter or sharp scissors.
Fig 2 taping satin to cutting brd
•With right sides together, pin the lining material to the scarf. Seam along long side. Repeat for 2nd side, leaving the two ends open. Clip seams about every 2 inches.
Fig 3 pin right sides together
•Turn scarf right side out. Lightly steam on lined side using pressing cloth only. NEVER iron directly on the faux fur.
Fig 5 turn right side out
•Turn ends under and pin. Hand sew hem using matching thread. Tack lining to fur in spots to keep it in place, as desired.
Fig 6 hemming the bottom
Fig 7 almost done
close up finished side seams

I'll post a glamor shot of the scarf tomorrow after I finish the hemming.

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