Thursday, December 23, 2010

Furry Christmas or I can make that scarf in 30 minutes or less...

True to form, I'm stuck in a loop. But I can't let perfectly good faux fur remnants go to waste so here's what I've done;

Cut fur fabric at least 10 inches wide and about 20-30 inches long.
Step 1
Fold in half lengthwise with right sides together.
Seam on machine using zig zag stitch set at large stitch setting.
Step 2
Leave ends open for turning.
Turn right side out using a broom handle to help with the turning.
Step 3
Hem ends. Attach button or snap or velcro to fasten scarf around the neck. Done!
Step 4
Stack of scarves
So guess who's getting a faux fur scarf for Christmas now? Everyone.

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