Monday, December 13, 2010

Home made Christmas cards part two...

I finished my card over the weekend.Here's what I did;

After finishing the front piece, set it aside and begin work on the inside piece. For inside message piece,write out message using a permanent Sharpie marker. Either leave as is or embroider the words, if desired.
Lay finished front on top of plastic canvas/batting/felt "sandwich" & matching edges, sew all layers together using a blanket stitch. Leave the left-hand edge un-worked at this time.
sandwich layers
Repeat sandwiching step for inside piece. Then attach the two pieces along the left side using a sewing or embroidery stitch of choice, making certain to work through ALL layers.
Finished card front
Finished card 1
card inside
Place finished card in an envelope and mail.
card in envelope

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