Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Christmas-y window shopping and some felted finds...

Don't you just love one-of-a-kind stores with their unique and colorful window & curb front dressings? As I was walking along last Saturday I zeroed right in to these felted works of art.
Since it was still a bit early some of the shops weren't open yet. Sorry to start off with a frowning face but look how CUTE it is in dyed and felted fiber.
And just look at these happy little felted snow people? Aren't they adorable?
Here's another sign on the store next door to the one with the felted "closed" sign. I LOVE how they made the flowers 3 dimensional.
Nothing says "Christmas" like a pink flamingo, ha,ha. Actually I LOVE this statue and would probably "dress" it on occasion of certain holidays. I especially love the fantastic bug eyes.
Not to be outdone, Santa's eyes are popping out as well. Isn't he a funny, cute looking guy?

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