Thursday, December 2, 2010

Operation Snowball-in-Hell-Knock-Down-Drag-Out-Leave-No-Prisoners-Dixie-Throw-Down or OSHKDDOLNPDTD...

Be careful what you wish for or what you write in forums. We were all chatting in the Desert Garden Farms thread on Ravelry and I stated that I miss seeing a bit of snow. Unbeknownst to me secret plans were brewing in the sneaky mind of Jennifer from Desert Garden Farms, who rallied a troop together and began to wage a full scale across the miles snowball engagement with me.
Here are some excerpts from the war log;
Day 1: It all started innocently enough, with a surprise package from Sue at the Critter Ranch. Cool, felted snowball ornaments, what a nice surprise. Little did I know that the Julep compound would become a snowball war zone.
Day 2: After the sweet(?) surprise, we were bombarded with 2 more attacks; Yellow snow from Desert Garden & a snowflake with a top secret weapon attached, ( a recipe for COOKIES), from atwhttzend. Suddenly the gauntlet was thrown down and it was ON!
Jennifer flake
Kat flake
Day 3: The next day we suffered heavy casualties when Woolyrose sent sweet quilled paper snowflakes & instant snow in a tube, always the stealthy shopper. She must not be trusted.
April flakes
On the same day, that has now been termed Snowball Saturday, Alaskansass & her little but lethal sidekick, Special Forces operative, Lt Cute crushed us with glitter snowflakes and more instant snow).
Sarah snowflakes 1
Nov 23, 2010: Fierce fighting continues with top secret weapons being hurled at the Julep compound. Witness the lethal cuteness of the tote by EverImprovingMe & the glittery knitted AND crocheted snowflake by Bobbieh, (VERY crafty!!). The Julep compound is stunned & beguiled.
EverImprovingMe Tote
Bobbieh Snow Flake
Nov 29,2010: Fighting continued over the long Thanksgiving Weekend with a surprise attack from the frozen north. Muddymoose lobbed an adorable felt snowflake at the Julep compound, just when it seemed safe to open the mailbox.
Muddymoose snowflake
Dec 1, 2010: Imagine our surprise as the Pacific NW faction heated up. Craftypup and her evil minions broadsided the compound with a fiber-y snowball, while attempting to mesmerize us with a smutty book cover postcard. The troops frantically searched the package for the REST of the book.
Craftypup Snowball

Dec7, 2010 Pearl Harbor Day This one is going to leave a mark. A lone Spudite extremist has claimed responsibility for the latest attack on the Julep compound. No longer using snow, this clever renegade spudite constructed a bomb out of spuds and suds aimed at “cleaning up” the Julep troops.

tigne spud bomb

December 9, 2010 Julep compound surprised by super mesmerizing hand spun yarn and card from the atwhittzend compound. Yarn aptly named “Knock Me Out of My Bloomers”, which it DID!! Card may have encrypted message design to confuse the troops. Will investigate further.
knocked out of my bloomers

Oh and I hope everyone is enjoying the Advent season and that all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I was so wrapped up in finishing a huge assignment that I can not yet speak about, as well as protecting the Julep compound from snowballs attacks that I didn't even get any pictures of our festivities.

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