Friday, January 21, 2011

Counting Fun & Cake Ball Shortcut...

Remember in early grade school math when we were instructed on the use of an abacus in counting and calculating? I loved the click of the beads then and I love the sound today.

I found this toy wooden abacus on one of my thrifting forays and just had to take it home for the nostalgia of it. Well now I have a fun and useful purpose for my abacus; COUNTING, (imagine that). Granted it isn’t portable for taking along in a project bag but for counting rounds and rows when crocheting while watching TV, it’s been perfect and frankly fun to look at.


Recently my friends and I have joined the cake ball craze. Now every time there is a celebration we make cake balls. If you are familiar with cake ball construction you'll know that one makes a cake, mashes it up & adds frosting to make "cake clay", rolls said "clay" into balls, dips into melted candy and embellishes. Easy but time consuming.

So I purchased a discounted (due to last date of sale), ready-made butter cream frosting 1/4 sheet cake from the grocery store. Because it was a complete cake I did not need to add frosting to make the "clay". I simply heated the cake in the microwave, mashed it up, mixing in the frosting and commenced rolling cake balls. Thrifty AND time-saving. And frankly, if you like rich sweets, this version was my favorite to date, probably because of the artery clogging butter cream frosting. Everyone loved them and while they aren't as professional looking as some from a bakery they looked fun & festive on a glass serving tray.

cake balls

TGIF y'all!


  1. The cake balls sound fun. My sister is thinking of making some fancy ones on a stick for Melody's birthday party.

  2. I haven't graduated to trying those yet but LOVE the look of them! Can't wait to see your Melody birthday pics!