Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More snowballs in the deep south...

Here are some snowballs you can sink your teeth into.YUM!
snowball cookies
Two things I've learned by making these cookies; 1) watch them carefully lest they burn, better yet reduce the oven temp a wee bit and always bake on parchment paper & 2) roll them in the powdered sugar when they are still warm, especially if you have a sweet tooth as the sugar sticks better and makes a thicker coating. I use a plastic food bag and shake the cookies in the sugar.

The candy in the foreground is chocolate dipped Brazil nuts. So GOOD!


  1. Hi Miss Julep,

    I know all about these snowball cookies of yours! It is a Christmas cookie staple in my house and we've been known to make batches during odd times of the year--like May! :)

    What is the recipe you use? Does it include no eggs, loads of powdered sugar for the dough, and mini chocolate chips? If it does, I think we share the same recipe.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Hey Rebekah,
    The recipe I used is linked if you click on the word "snowballs" in the first sentence. There are so many versions of them & I don't think mine had eggs in them.

    I do know that these cookies are quite dangerous in that you can't stop eating them once you start:)