Friday, January 7, 2011

Who wants cake?

yarn cake, that is...
who wants cake
I received my hand dyed yarn order yesterday from my friend Jennifer at Desert Garden Farms. She included a surprise hank of gorgeous hand spun in yummy browns! I love it! I also love winding hanks into cakes. It makes me happy and because I don't have a lot of free time, it makes me feel productive and prepared, so that when extra time arises I can grab a cake and go. So here you have the resulting cakes...
Aren't they beautiful? The 2 multicolored cakes of hand dyed yarn are aptly called "Caribbean Dream" and the gorgeous brown hand spun is comprised of  lincoln , yak,silk,llama, camel & a bit of sparkleTalk about luxury, WOW!
chcolate brown closeup
I'm calling this yarn "Hot Fudge Sundae" because that's what it looks like. YUMMMM!

And because the swift and ball winder were set up I also wound this, which was formerly a Tommy Hilfiger sweater. The fiber content is 55% wool & 45% cotton. Not bad for under $4.
Hillfiger yarn cake

Lastly, here's a spiral motif that I found in one of my afghan books. The sample afghan done in this pattern was gorgeous! I love spirals and have been rather fixated on them for the past year or so.

Spiral study

Here's a super quick snapshot of the sky last evening. Winter sky is always the best!

Dec sky

TGIF y'all!


  1. Those yarn cakes look scrumptious! Plus calorie and fat free.

  2. So what do you think you will make w/ all that cake?? LOL Very nice colors. I love the spiral you did you gonna keep going with it? OK enough being nosey I suppose btw I love the sky picture so pretty!

  3. I haven't decided on projects yet but am leaning towards a scarf for me with the Caribbean colorway. As for the yummy hand spun, all I can do is pet it for the moment, haha. And yes, I DO want to continue with the spiral and make an afghan, hopefully.

  4. Yes and right in time for New Years resolutions:)

  5. Oh my goodnes, for a minute there I was fooled. There are so many clever cakemakers around these days I really did think they were real cakes. Gorgeous colours, bet they'll create some great items.