Monday, February 28, 2011

Mardi Gras 2011:The bead caper continues...

First of all I barely did any knitting or crochet this weekend but boy did I have fun, regardless. My bead exchange program has grown to Alaska & Wisconsin, as well as the original Idaho recipients. So what did I do this weekend? Attend parades! The weather was fine and the crowds were huge.

ES Cafe
Parade route Friday afternoon

The weekend started with Krewe of Apollo's Mystic Ladies parade on Friday night. I was able to net over 16 lbs of beads, with the help of several folks. Per usual, I stood in my friends yard. She set up a sidewalk cafe of sorts and we had a lovely time eating dinner & visiting before the parade rolled.

On Saturday afternoon the Mystic Mutts of Revelry paraded through the streets. I attended this one mainly to witness the cute rather than catch beads & moonpies. I was able to do both. This parade is a fundraiser for the local animal shelter, a worthy cause. Such a cute bunch of reveler's in every shape, size & breed. There was even a jaunty cat in the mix, complete with wire rim glasses, top hat & Mardi Gras cape. I can only imagine what my cat would do to me if I tried this on him.

wieners in a wagon
How cute are these?

parading dog
A happy Krewe member

Saturday night was the Knights of Ecor Rouge parade. WOW! What a grand parade they threw, complete with CAMELS, horses & lots & lots of floats. The weather was warm & fair and the crowd was huge!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Let the fun begin..

moonpie package

The first parade of the season rolls tonight. It's going to be fair and warm! Should bring out a large crowd of revelers. Last year it was so COLD and we southerners generally don't like getting out in the cold but I was "taking it for the team" with my "Beads for Idaho" campaign. I'll still be shipping some beads to Idaho this year but don't expect to get nearly as many as I did last year, due to the unseasonably WARM weather we are having. Still, it's going to be such fun.
bead tree
This tree is in the yard of a cafe on the parade route. It gets loaded down every year with errant beads. Fun!

TGIF and Laissez les bon temps rouler, y'all!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A quick word about knitting...

OK, so I don't have any "show & tells" as I am working feverishly on a huge, super secret project proposal. I do, however, have exciting news about a book release. Last December I pre-ordered "Spud & Chloe On the Farm" by Susan B. Anderson. The exciting news is that the books, (I ordered two), are shipping on March 25th. More importantly, Susan posted samples of the 13 patterns on Ravelry today and OH MY GOODNESS, the cute just keeps getting better.

I have all of Susan B. Anderson's books & love each and every one. The first pattern I ever saw was the "Upsidedown Daisy Hat" from "Itty Bitty Hats". It was pictured in an article in a knitting magazine. When I saw the article I HAD to have the book and went that day during lunch to the bookstore to get it. I have since added the other two books to my library, ("Itty Bitty Nursery" & "Itty Bitty Toys"). Soon, for the time being anyway, my collection will be complete with the addition of the Spud & Chloe book.

Since I don't have any knitting or yarn to show I will post a Susan Anderson "fan photo". The photo was posted on this blog before, under the heading "this is how we knit in the south". It was taken in May 2009 by me and is REAL. I really WAS floating around perusing the book and knitting while sipping on my Diet Coke, ha,ha. The float is huge and so danger of losing the book or knitting "overboard" is minimal. Plus, when it's hot you have to improvise.
knitting in the south

First parade rolls tomorrow night and it's going to be warm. FUN! I may just take a video of two.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Parade countdown...

Our first Mardi Gras parade rolls this Friday evening. The super exciting part is that the lows for that night will only be in the mid 50's. The highs during the day on Friday are predicted to be in the 70's, so there's a good chance that it will still be warm at parade time. Yay!
bead jetsam
Beads 'flotsam & jetsam'

Friday, February 18, 2011

SWEET(s)! It's Friday...

   O.K., so the King cake from the other day got me to thinking that I would really like to send cakes to a few folks as thank you gifts. So back across the street to the Something Sweet Bake Shop I went.

  This shop is so bright and cute. It makes me HAPPY and has been the subject of this blog on several occasions. Just look at all of the colorful, sweet goodness.
   The ladies who own the shop are sweet in their own right & as bakers, they have no peers. A fast growing tradition for us, it just wouldn’t be a birthday or anniversary at my house without a cake from this shop. SOOOOO much better than an in-store “bakery” with previously frozen preservative infused gut bombs. And the feast for the eyes in the form of all that you see in these photos makes shopping for treats an old-fashioned experience not just  a chore to be crossed off of a list.

Here's one of the owners & master baker displaying the much sought after King Cake. YUM!
How nice to sit outside their shop in their welcoming little sidewalk set-up, eating a cupcake and watching the traffic go by, on a warm morning. Perhaps do a little knitting.

TGIF y'all!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The day after Valentine's day...

Sometimes Valentine's Day falls smack in the middle of Mardi Gras but this year we have a later Easter and hence a later Mardi Gras. So now that all of the red, pink & white is gone it's time to roll out the purple, gold & green.In this instance it's in the form of King's Cakes. Oh yay, they are so good.

Kings Cakes

Something Sweet

My mouth is watering as I write this entry, having just come from Something Sweet Bakery. I have blogged about this little gem of a shop before. It makes me happy just to see their displays.

Something Sweet 2

Look at all of the Bacchanalian treats, just waiting to be consumed in our mad rush to cram as much decadence into our bodies as we can before the onset of Lent, for those who observe it, or until folks get tired & start worrying about their bathing suit figures.

SOmething Sweet 3

Hope you all had a sweet Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting ready....

The city is putting up lights and decorations in preparation for Mardi Gras 2011. As you may or may not know, Mardi Gras is the feasting & partying in preparation of Lenten observances. I suppose if you make yourself sick enough of food & drink then giving it up will be easier. In theory anyway. OK, so now it's more of a secular winter celebration.

Given that we have a later Easter this year, likewise Mardi Gras will be later. The first parade rolls in early March, with the day before Ash Wednesday or "Fat Tuesday" falling on March 8th. Hopefully the later date will also bring warmer nights for parade watching.

Float 1
TGIF y'all!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Local color at the pier...

I took this photo last Saturday while walking along the pier. It was a bit brisk but isn't it pretty? I love how blue the sky looks in fall & winter.
Fairhope Pier
I hope you folks in the snowy regions are staying warm!! TGIF y'all