Friday, February 18, 2011

SWEET(s)! It's Friday...

   O.K., so the King cake from the other day got me to thinking that I would really like to send cakes to a few folks as thank you gifts. So back across the street to the Something Sweet Bake Shop I went.

  This shop is so bright and cute. It makes me HAPPY and has been the subject of this blog on several occasions. Just look at all of the colorful, sweet goodness.
   The ladies who own the shop are sweet in their own right & as bakers, they have no peers. A fast growing tradition for us, it just wouldn’t be a birthday or anniversary at my house without a cake from this shop. SOOOOO much better than an in-store “bakery” with previously frozen preservative infused gut bombs. And the feast for the eyes in the form of all that you see in these photos makes shopping for treats an old-fashioned experience not just  a chore to be crossed off of a list.

Here's one of the owners & master baker displaying the much sought after King Cake. YUM!
How nice to sit outside their shop in their welcoming little sidewalk set-up, eating a cupcake and watching the traffic go by, on a warm morning. Perhaps do a little knitting.

TGIF y'all!

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