Friday, March 25, 2011

Winner's Circle Tote...

Believe it or not I belong to a group on Ravelry called “Iknitarod” , which is a fan group for the annual Iditarod in Alaska. How I came to be in that group is just one of the joys and quirks of Ravelry. But I love it. I love reading about the mushers, especially the dogs and about Alaska in general. Maybe I’ll see it in person some day, it’s on my list of places to see.

At any rate, the group is doing a KAL or CAL during the Iditarod. The idea is to have some fun while stash busting, (for me anyway). So I chose to work on a crocheted tote using an idea I’ve been working on of stringing silk flowers on yarn and then crocheting them.

I called this project "Winner's Circle Tote" because the winning dogs of the Iditerod are given a wreath of yellow roses at the finish line. However, I did stray from the yellow roses as this was stash busting and I had these silk flowers on hand.

The tote is crocheted with yarn held doubled and was made up "on the fly". The flower embellished yarn was added and carried with the other 2 strands at the point where I wanted flowers. After the flowers were added I finished off the flower embellished yarn and continued with the 2 strands.

winners circle 3

Nearly completed tote. I just need to line it and add the handles.

Flowered Yarn Tutorial;
Yarn of choice (I used cotton yarn for this as well as my tote)
Silk flowers
Yarn needle
Beads with large holes

flower tutorial 1

Remove plastic pieces from flower.

flower 2

Working from yarn skein rather than cutting a length, thread yarn needle with yarn end and working from the bottom upwards, insert needle through all layers of the flower.

flower 3a

Next add a bead and insert needle back into the the hole.
flower 5

flower 7


Additional Notes: (Please know that this is not a precise, measured method and is rather more random and very forgiving).
As additional flowers are added, shift the previous flowers downwards onto the yarn. To do this simple pull on the bead, which will in turn pull lengths of the yarn through the hole. Grasp the working end of the yarn and pull. This should move the flower down to make room for more.

Make certain to add ample yarn between flowers for crocheting or knitting.

TGIF y'all!


  1. The bag will be so pretty. Thanks for the tute and sharing your knowledge.

  2. What a brilliant idea and one I would never have thought of. I have quite a lot of flowers hanging around so will try your bead idea as I have a lot of beads also!! Can't wait to give it a go (it's a wet day here in England so I might start straight away). Thanks for your kind words on my blog by the way, much appreciated.

  3. Thanks y'all, for the comments!