Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter egg diorama

Remember the sugar egg dioramas? They were very popular when I was a young girl. My mother used to make beautiful eggs. I loved gazing into the miniature springtime world that she created inside these eggs. Well I'm not very good with decorator frosting and such but I can cut out paper, glue & decoupage so here's my version using blown out chicken eggs.

Blown eggs,cleaned & dry (see previous post for instruction links)
Victorian Easter card images printed on card stock
Sharp scissors
tissue paper
large stiff paintbrush
clear coat spray
Small amounts of ribbon, lace & trim for outside of egg
Hot glue
Bamboo skewer or chop stick

Carefully blow eggs taking proper sanitation precaution as discussed here.
Enlarge the hole at the small end of the egg. With very sharp small scissors, cut away shell to form a 1" diameter opening in the egg. Set aside to dry.

Decorate outside with tissue paper decoupage, paint or dye. Let dry.

Find Victorian Easter images in clip art. Scale images to no more than 1". Print on card stock & carefully cut out using very sharp small scissors.
Make certain to leave extra margin at the bottom of the image. This will be folded up in order that the image will be free-standing.
cutout standing up
Use egg carton to hold egg in place leaving both hands free for inserting cutout . Try dry fitting image inside of egg first in order to check for fit.
use egg carton to hold egg while gluing
If the size and fit are right place hot glue on the bottom inside of the egg and carefully arrange the image in the glue inside the egg, using tweezers or bamboo skewer to aid in the placement of the image. Press down for a few seconds to set. Add a tiny bit of shredded tissue paper or Easter grass and miniature silk flowers, egg shaped beads, etc for additional embellishments.
Sorry about the bad image here, but you get the idea.

Add final touches such as a lace or braid around the opening and small silk flowers or bows on the top.
diorama side view
inside view 2

Set egg on stand or in this case a Coke bottle top, which works fine but looks rough. Needs some paint.

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