Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Other craftiness...

While this is supposedly a knitting/crocheting blog, it certainly doesn't appear to be so lately. First of all, my knitting and crocheting projects of late are all assignments so I can't show them yet. Secondly, it's spring and Easter is coming and I have always had crafty interests that center around these themes, hence all of the blown egg and decoupage tutorials.

While I'm on the subject of other-craftiness, have you seen THIS?? I adore this blog and this cardboard doll house is so cute and so do-able thanks to Beth's well done photo tutorial. I'm guessing that I'll be trying my hand at one of these in the future.

Now, since it's been a while here's a...
Gratuitous knitting  photo ~ 
The World Purse
Make Mine a Double cocktail purse, needle felted to resemble the Earth, complete with a cartographer's north arrow. Just the thing for Earth Day.

Happy spring, happy crafting!

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