Thursday, April 21, 2011

A project to make for your golfing buddies...

Freelance designing for Coats & Clark is always fun & exciting. My crocheted Poodle Golf Club Cover  & Gopher Golf Club Cover are out now on the Redheart website!

And since I don't have the photo of the golf club covers yet and forgot to snap a picture before mailing the finished cover, I will leave you with a colorful gratuitous crochet photo. These were crocheted from a pattern by Carolyn Christmas entitled "Elf Slippers" . This is such a fun, fast & easy to follow pattern and is a great warm weather project.
elfshoes on line


  1. Those elf slippers really made me smile, what a great idea, they look really cosy. Around 600 years ago in Britain all men wore leather shoes like that with huge turned up toes (I reckon there'd have been lots of broken bones!!) Have a great Easter, Eli

  2. We should bring those turned up toe street shoes back!! After 600 years it's time they re-surfaced:)

    Happy Easter to you!