Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Riding the granny train...

Confessions of a crocheter

As much as I crochet I have NEVER completed a granny square project, NEVER! And isn’t the granny square the epitome of crochet? It certainly was the thing in the 70’s.

I halfheartedly began a granny square project a while back but those few completed squares have long been discarded. I was trying to mix and match different squares and just lost interest.
With the resurgence of granny square popularity, (did they really ever go out of style?), I am jumping on the granny square bandwagon and am LOVING it! Rather than repeat the mistake of the past by trying too intricate a design, I am working my squares in basic granny stitches, (3 dc, ch 1). This will hopefully spur me on to finish thereby encouraging me to revisit the more intricate design combinations afterwards.


  1. I think that is the perfect granny square recipe! :) Have fun!!

  2. So pretty! I LOVE granny square afghans! I collect them at second hand shops :o) One of these days I'll learn how to actually make one!