Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bok, Bok....

Another toy from precious hand spun yarn completed. I am calling this one "Prissy", because she IS prissy. The yarn came from an online friend, the very talented Kat, aka atwhittzend on Ravelry. Most of the yarn was used for a scarf I knitted back in December that I called "Miss Kat" after the fiber artist. This was an excellent way to use up leftovers, rather than letting it languish in a drawer.

hen party 4
Oh and my "Spud", (from Spud & Chloe on the Farm by Susan B Anderson), is almost done! He just needs his legs & bow tie. I love him.
Spud 1


  1. It is so special with the handspun yarn. I like it a lot!

  2. Love this--I just bought the book to make some toys for our expected new that I see yours I need to cast on asap!!