Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Conquering fears....

When I was in high school I read a very popular novel called the Exorcist. It scared the stew out of me! So much so that I had to sleep with a light on for WEEKS, (not that an evil spirit is scared of a little ol' light but still). Then the movie came out and I just HAD to see it. I was not disappointed. It was scary beyond my wldest imagination. Again, the lights were left on to chase away evil spirits and lurking shadows. I am still scared of that movie & novel even today.

Well now I have found a cure for the heebie jeebies in the form of crochet artwork by Croshame. In my quest to cleanse my mind once and for all from this scariest of scary I am about to begin desensitization therapy. Check it out...I am going to get one of these prints & hang it in my craft room. I LOVE the use of crochet to depict gory, terrifying situations. It's just a funny dichotomy to me. This definitely ain't granny's antimacassars & toilet roll covers.

Speaking of all things granny, its time to stitch! I completed all of the squares last night. Will post pictures soon.

And here's the beginnings of a KAL I am participating in on Ravelry. I'm knitting his wool out of Desert Garden hand spun. YUM-MEE!

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