Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday FO Favorite....

I just finished crocheting a very clever design called Tuck Away Tote by Ruth Shepherd.  I ADORE this pattern!! It begins as a standard fish net tote attached to a simple crocheted medallion. Add a matching medallion at the end to form a pocket and it becomes the clever self-encased ready-to-use, take anywhere tote. The only thing lacking in my otherwise finished version is a little button for keeping the encased bag neat & contained. 
Loving bright colors as I do, I have GOT to make some of these in some bright cotton yarn. But for this one I was using up stash yarn. And while it is pretty in it's simple ecru, I can just see bunches of these done up in every color of the rainbow. 

This is a perfect project to make & use in the upcoming hot summer months. It would make a great beach or pool bag or use it for bringing home all of those wonderful fresh veggies & fruits from your local produce stand. 
Kind of looks like a squid here

Not really an FO, but's another super clever design. This one is called Pocket Spirit Doll, (Poseable version) by Beth Webber . You can find her amazing blog here.

This doll is very small but has so much movement and detail, (something that is generally hard to achievewith crochet & knitted dolls). Beth cleverly uses a post & washer eye in the head and neck to create a head that swivels. This really works.There are other joints at the major bendable areas of the doll but obviously I haven't gotten there yet.

I am loving the engineering of this doll and the scale as I am using sport weight yarn and an E/3.5 mm crochet hook. Frankly I really like the textural look of tightly crochetd dolls and amigurumi but using the smaller yarn seems to add more detail & smooth the surface while maintaining the look that I love. 

Getting ready to add lower leg and knee joints.

There are many other FO hopefuls in my project bags including my poor Spud, who only lacks having his feet sewn on and his tail & bow tie completed. Really MUST get him done, he is SO cute!

Please take the time to thank a Veteran this weekend and remember those who have lost their lives protecting our freedom!! Have a safe, happy Memorial Day and.....

TGIF y'all!!


  1. i am SO loving that tote! yes... one in every color!

    happy saturday!

  2. Love the squid photo! This is such a neat bag. I need to put this on my list of to-trys.

  3. Yes, you both should try this pattern! I highly recommend it!!It's so practical, clever AND so pretty!!