Monday, May 16, 2011

A happy, yummy Sunday...

er, or rather Sundae.
another angle
I allowed myself to knit a toy out of my precious Desert Garden hand spun that I have been hoarding for so many months.I named the yarn Hot Fudge Sundae when I first saw it because it is rich & sweet & chocolatey and oh so decadent. The fiber content is lincoln , yak,silk,llama, camel & a bit of sparkleTalk about luxury, WOW! See why I was happy to hoard it for a while?
extreme closeup
This little bunny knitted up so quickly and surprisingly looks so realistic because of the awesome yarn.
guests for tea
Of course my nosy cat had to get in on the action or rather had to authorize the photo shoot, as it were.

OK, so this was a huge move for me to give myself permission to knit a toy from fancy hand spun yarn. However, this may be the beginning of a full blown addiction. Good thing I have a lot of art yarn on hand, thanks to my hand spinning buddy.