Thursday, May 5, 2011

Warm & toasty beach glass...

So how can glass be warm & toasty? When it is a granny stripe blanket in all my favorite beach glass colors. I'm making this large enough to fit our queen-sized bed. It will be a nice coverlet for the summer months. Hopefully it will get finished this year. We'll see.
beach glass

And while I'm "on the beach" I should mention my "Miami Beach Throw". It is so thick and heavy that it is getting hard to work on due to the warm weather we are having. I really need to turn down the air and get it done, it's so close.

Spud update:  His head is completed and I am on my 2nd round of twisted loop stitch on his body. It is slow going but SO worth it!! What a cute, perfect stitch for a chubby, woolly sheep. I love him!

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