Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I was GOING to say was....

So many of us had a glitch with our "last" post a few days ago, before Google folks did some work on the system. Well mine is back and here it is...

My friend Jennifer at Desert Garden Farms surprised me with an extraordinarily generous gift of SIX skeins of hand spun yarn!! WOW, I feel so luxurious & artsy & pampered!! Most of my knitting & crocheting is done with manufactured yarns, which I love but still the look and feel of hand spun is a special treat of undeniable richness. Add to that the fact that some of the “ingredients” in the yarn are from her very own wool/fiber bearing animals and I don’t feel worthy.

Like so many people, I am a saver. Always putting nicer things away for a special occasion. Rarely do I use the fine china, silver or even my finer yarn. I’m going to need to get over that and give myself permission to start using my hand spun. I tried to take that plunge last week by using some chocolate colored Desert Garden hand spun for my Spud stuffed animal but it was too thick. So close, I almost made it and was rather pleased that I was going to use the yarn for a toy, no less.

So for now I will pile my skeins up, jealously guarding them like a miser with his gold. They are pretty to look at, just as they are.

Addendum to the story is that I have in fact permitted myself to knit a toy in handspun as evidenced by my previous post.

So here's what I made for the Desert Garden children, as a thank you for my wonderful yarn;

"Fairy Doll" by Ana Paula Rimoli from Crochet Today! Magazine, May/June 2011
"Mini Cthulu (and Mini Kappa)" by Cherene Reyes, Ravelry pattern store. Well written pattern and so affordable!!You get TWO patterns for under $3!!
bunny closeup
"Garden Pals" (bunny) by Tamie Snow from Crochet Today! Magazine, May/June 2009
"Little Baby Monkey" by ME, (although I heavily improvised it in order to make it small enough to fit in a toddlers dress pocket), from Crochet Animals Big and Small, Redheart publication J27-0025

I really enjoyed making these toys. All of the designs were simple, easy to follow & quick. I love that.

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