Friday, June 17, 2011

WIP wrap up....

Chloe update.I used some stash fiber in a pretty auburn color to needle felt her some hair. This was so simple to do and I will definitely be needle felting hair again. Poor girl had just the one leg at the time of this photo but she now has 2 and her dress is half way finished.


Other than working on Chloe this week I also started and finished Mao by Angela Tong. This adorable pattern can be found in the Petite Purls Summer 2011 issue. The yarn is Desert Garden hand dyed.
kitty mao mao

Another WIP I have is Silas by Carey Huffman, aka Full of Fluff. I was attracted to this pattern while browsing on Ravelry. I have finished his head and 1 arm since this photo was taken but I wanted to show the yarns I am using. They are cotton yarns from my stash and luckily are similar to those in the original design, as
I am making a concerted effort to use stash only when possible.Will definitely get photos of this cool cat when he is finished.

Then of course there's the float fix from the other day. If you want to find me this weekend, that's where I'll be...floating in the pool on my newly re-furbished granny square crochet favorite float.

TGIF y'all!


  1. Love the needle felt hair idea. NF is less popular in the UK than the US which is a shame but I think its beginning to pick up speed. I'd better not suggest the idea to my dolls or they'll all start ripping their hair off in favour of a needle felted coiffure! Many thanks for your comment re a Raggedy Ann type dolly. I like your names!

  2. Oh know, please don't let the dolls do THAT, ha,ha. Thanks for your comments!

  3. Dear Miss Julep!
    I found your spike the scuba diver pattern and crocheted a diving girl for my daughter! Please have a look:
    I post this comment here, I don´t find an e-mail adress!
    Thank you for the nice patterns, you share for all of us!
    Greetings from Germany