Friday, July 29, 2011

"On a mission" Friday....

One of my Ravelry friend's, Kim (aka RAV user name kkhymn) has started such a touching & thoughtful mission. She knits adorably cute Rebecca Danger toy monsters to give to children, (and sometimes adults), with chronic illness. Read about it here and here.

I was so moved by her post and by the fact that Kim  has her own medical issues to deal with. So I began thinking about all of those unfinished, oftentimes forgotten toys in my own stash and have decided to finish some of  them, as time permits, and send them to Kim, for her toy mission.

While looking through the bags and baskets I found the ORIGINAL draft to my Texture Bite. All he lacks are arms, legs & a face and he's good to go.


I am also thinking that perhaps Posy wants to tag along and become a friend and confidant to some little child in need of a friend.

OK, those in addition to some August 1st deadline projects and my agenda is set. Not much time left for those adult beverages, KnittingBelle, ha,ha. Not this weekend anyway.

TGIF y'all!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Posy Progress...

Haven't had much time for "just because" projects of late but I did steal some "Posy time" this morning, while having my daily cup of coffee.

Previously, while on my trip to Miami, I finished her head, torso and one leg. I am now on leg 2. I also managed to complete the ribbed section of her skirt.

The Posy pattern by Wendy Phillips of Dollytime is so well written and easy to follow. All of the pieces are knitted flat but I am a lazy knitter or rather one that tends to take the path of least resistance, (for me anyway), so I have chosen to work the pieces in the round when possible. Besides, my seaming skills aren't always as neat as they should be. I will start working in the round for the remainder of her skirt and plan to do the same for her arms. Then it will be on to the fun part; her face & hair, which I plan to needle felt. I can't wait.
Posy Progress
Oh and take a look at "Rowena", one of the other Dollytime patterns I purchased. How cute is SHE???

And now as a prelude to the weekend and for your summertime refreshment & enjoyment....
Margarita's al fresco

And FLOWERS immune to the draught...

And old roots...

and cool & amazing inside places...


Happy Thursday y'all!

Friday, July 22, 2011

So much more from Miami...

Oh and an FO as well. Here is Texture bite II getting ready to shop with me at the Falls in Kendall, Florida, (a suburb of Miami).
I am NOT a mall person, AT ALL!! Well, with the possible exception of  this one, which  is my FAVORITE ever! It's open to the outside, with a huge water feature, lush tropical vegetation and feral kitties, living amongst the little man-made "rain forest".
Mall Kittens
The cats seem to be taken care of as evidenced by the bowls of food and water located under the bushes and some are pretty friendly.


Texture Bite seems to like Francesca's. I do TOO!

Spike copy
TGIF y'all!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back home with WIP's and a bazillion Miami photos ...

We've been back now for a few days and I'm trying to get back into my normal routine after 21 days away. While I was away I worked on several projects, some of which can't be revealed yet. However, I did manage to get started on some "just for fun" items.

Here's more progress on my "Posy" doll by Dollytime patterns from the super talented Wendy Phillips of Flutterby Patch..
I'm using some Kool-aid dyed wool for most of the doll. I just love Kool-aid dyeing and have so many little balls and skeins from past dyeing endeavors.

I'm also participating in a mystery toy KAL in the Knitted Toys group on Ravelry. The toy is designed by Emily Ivey , (aka yarnmiracle) and is a mammal of some sort. Pictured below is the body and head. The arm design was released last Friday and I need to get to work on them.

My version is being worked in Rowan Calmer, which is a cotton/acrylic blend and I am using a US size 3 set of dpn's. It's going to be smaller than the recommended size but the yarn tends to be very stretchy and really needed a MUCH smaller needle to prevent those unsightly ladders and stuffing show-though.
Looks more like fruit than the makings of an animal.

Other projects are for publication so I can't share them at the moment but I will share a sandwich with you. This restaurant is in Key Largo and is very popular with locals and tourists alike....


Oh YES! It was GOOD!

Here's what we did after lunch...
Went on a glass bottom boat cruise from Pennekamp State Park to Molasses Reef. Amazing and gorgeous!! Next time we're going to view this IN the water. It was wonderful and we saw so many species of fish in the short time we were out, including barracuda, sting ray, grouper, snapper, other assorted other fish and sea turtles.

My favorite, FAVORITE color!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More things to do and see in Miami...

You can visit Books and Books, which just happens to be down the street from the Knitting Garden. How cool is THAT?


And have a cup of Cafe con Leche while you work a few rounds of a pattern you have been itching to start, (in this instance it is the beginnings of an adorable doll by Wendy Phillips of Dollytime and Flutterby Patch. The pattern is called "Posy").
While looking out the window at the gorgeous courtyard...
Later on you can go to Shorty's for some good ol' BBQ. I have spoken before on this issue of BBQ and personal preferences so I won't bore you by recounting that. Suffice it to say that tastes in BBQ differ greatly from region to region and family to family & can often be the cause of passionate family feuds. I know what I like.

Still this BBQ has merit, even if the sauce is sweet, which is not generally how I like it. In fact, I really, REALLY liked it. Plus the atmosphere was laidback country and the staff were FANTASTIC!!As with most BBQ establishments that I have gone to, they give you WAY too much food so naturally I ate WAY too much, ha,ha. I am putting Shorty's on my list of favs and will definitely be back.
Looks good, huh? My mouth is watering as I type this. But if I WERE to eat this meal right now then a food induced power nap would be sure to follow and I have a lot to do.
And then, if you dare to don a swim suit after a meal like that, you can go to the beach.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Things to see in Miami...

First of all since this is primarily a knitting & crochet blog I have to list the Knitting Garden as one of the places to see in Miami. It is located in the gorgeous Coral Gables area, right down the block (or two) from Miracle Mile, (which I have blogged about before but will re-visit in another post).

The owners label the Knitting Garden as a "fine knitting shop" and it IS!! This shop is FULL of fluffy, wonderful fiber goodness in all of the saturated colors that I LOVE!! During my visit a class was being conducted so not wanting to disturb the teaching, I hung back a little but have plans to return some time in the coming weeks. Plus, I wasn't sure about parking and had parked in a 30 minute spot. THIRTY MINUTES to browse a yarn store? Yea, right. I'll be back now that I have the parking scoop and lay of the land.
In addition, my pictures were a bit blurry so I definitely have to return so I can share the cuteness. Here you see the ONLY wide shot I got is blurred. Yep, I HAVE to return.

Texture Bite II came along too.

This is such a charming, welcoming store with a seating area in the middle and long conference-type table in the back for classes to meet around. The staff were friendly but allowed me to browse on my own without suspicion, which allowed me to drink it all in during the first visit. And was there ever a lot to absorb. I am already looking forward to returning, this time perhaps with a list.

The next thing I want to talk about is food; specifically PIZZA. My husband and I LOVE Mom & Pop restaurants that have been around long enough to have a history. That's what Ciro's Italian Restaurant is all about. The place is tiny but warm and welcoming. The staff make it their business to recognize returning customers, how NICE!! Sorry but there are so many establishments that don't seem to encourage this.

My husband & I ordered the smallest pizza they make and it was enough for at least 3 adults but being the pigs that we are, we ate all but one slice. Guess what's for breakfast this morning?
The sauce was wonderful and not overpowering or sweet, like some chain restaurant pizza and the toppings were piled high, as you can see. Only they were cooked through. I have had loaded pizzas before but sometimes the toppings aren't cooked all the way. While I love raw vegetables on salads, I want my pizza toppings cooked. The dough was soft on the top and lightly crunchy on the bottom. Perfection.