Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back home with WIP's and a bazillion Miami photos ...

We've been back now for a few days and I'm trying to get back into my normal routine after 21 days away. While I was away I worked on several projects, some of which can't be revealed yet. However, I did manage to get started on some "just for fun" items.

Here's more progress on my "Posy" doll by Dollytime patterns from the super talented Wendy Phillips of Flutterby Patch..
I'm using some Kool-aid dyed wool for most of the doll. I just love Kool-aid dyeing and have so many little balls and skeins from past dyeing endeavors.

I'm also participating in a mystery toy KAL in the Knitted Toys group on Ravelry. The toy is designed by Emily Ivey , (aka yarnmiracle) and is a mammal of some sort. Pictured below is the body and head. The arm design was released last Friday and I need to get to work on them.

My version is being worked in Rowan Calmer, which is a cotton/acrylic blend and I am using a US size 3 set of dpn's. It's going to be smaller than the recommended size but the yarn tends to be very stretchy and really needed a MUCH smaller needle to prevent those unsightly ladders and stuffing show-though.
Looks more like fruit than the makings of an animal.

Other projects are for publication so I can't share them at the moment but I will share a sandwich with you. This restaurant is in Key Largo and is very popular with locals and tourists alike....


Oh YES! It was GOOD!

Here's what we did after lunch...
Went on a glass bottom boat cruise from Pennekamp State Park to Molasses Reef. Amazing and gorgeous!! Next time we're going to view this IN the water. It was wonderful and we saw so many species of fish in the short time we were out, including barracuda, sting ray, grouper, snapper, other assorted other fish and sea turtles.

My favorite, FAVORITE color!!


  1. Welcome back! We've missed you, I hope you know! :)

    I am wondering if that is a duck or a chicken. If it's a chicken, then I am just gonna have to knit it!

    Oh the water looks so pretty. Hey, that color blues is my fav, too. Of course growing up near the Atlantic I love all shades of blue that remind me of water. :)

    Sammy looks yummy, too. Which reminds me, time to buck up and chow down. He Haw! What can I say, it's the heat that is making me so crazy! :)

    Glad you are back and look forward to your future postings. :)


  2. Thank you so much for the heartfelt welcome home:) It sure takes a few days to get back into the "swing of things" but it IS good to be home.