Friday, July 22, 2011

So much more from Miami...

Oh and an FO as well. Here is Texture bite II getting ready to shop with me at the Falls in Kendall, Florida, (a suburb of Miami).
I am NOT a mall person, AT ALL!! Well, with the possible exception of  this one, which  is my FAVORITE ever! It's open to the outside, with a huge water feature, lush tropical vegetation and feral kitties, living amongst the little man-made "rain forest".
Mall Kittens
The cats seem to be taken care of as evidenced by the bowls of food and water located under the bushes and some are pretty friendly.


Texture Bite seems to like Francesca's. I do TOO!

Spike copy
TGIF y'all!!


  1. What an amazing place. We have nothing like that in England. We do however have a town named Kendal (one 'L'). I wonder if the two places have a historical connection.

  2. Love the photos. It's like a stowed away in your project bag:)

    Love love love that last image! :)

  3. Thanks for the comments y'all!!