Tuesday, August 23, 2011


THIS! It's a pattern called "Kouyou Shawl" by one of my favorite bloggers & designers, Angela Tong of Oiyi's Crafts. The shawl is knit in worsted or sportweight so that is right up my alley as I have such a hard time manipulating the gorgeous but teeny-tiny lace weight yarns. AND the best and weirdest part of  this is that I have been eyeballing this pattern lately and was just about to purchase it, I kid you not! And I have some stash yarn that would LOVE to become this shawl so it's all good.

 I won the pattern by commenting on an interview with Angela Tong on the Sexy Knitter's blog. This is a very COOL blog and I am loving her "getting to know you" series. She is an inspired designer in her own rite. So check it out. Her style is definitely not "your granny's knitting". I love it!

And while you're hanging out on the net, check out Angela' blog as well, (Oiyi's Crafts). She takes the happiest photos of her amazingly cute daughter. They make me smile. And her designs are amazing!

Now since this is a knitting/crochet blog here's a gratuitous yarn picture or two of some yummy yarn. The shawl would look mighty pretty in this;
Or this;

Manos Silk Blend1

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  1. KnittingBelle from RavelryAugust 23, 2011 at 3:53 PM

    Congrats on the wonderful win! That is awesome! Thanks also for the two blog links. :)
    I love both of your yarn choices and thanks for putting up the yarn porn so I would have something to lust over. :)

    I can't wait to see updates on the shawl. I love knitted shawls...and I am with you nothing smaller than a sport weight, everything else is like knitting with a spiders web!

    Does this mean you are gonna design some future lace shawls for all of us out here? I love your designs and I'd love to see a lace shawl design from your talented knitting needle. :)

    Stay cool and get those needles knitting. :)