Monday, August 1, 2011

One neglected, forgotten WIP saved...

All he needed was arms and legs and a face. Not much work really. He was originally the 1st draft when I was just beginning to think about Texture Bite last year.

The yarn is pretty but I just didn't like the bulkier texture for this particular application. However, now that he's finished he looks fine to me and will join a grouping of toys that are going to charity.

You know it's a relief to finally finish a partially worked project that has been languishing in a project bag for so many months, (or even years perhaps?), especially when it is an animal or a doll.


  1. A project languishing for years. I have no clue what you are talking about. LOL! This variegated version is so cute. I really love the head shaping of your bear. I plan on making one for a friend when she announces her pregnancy. (She hasn't said a word, but I suspect it's coming.)

  2. Ha,ha! I know, right? What projects?? Thank you for your kind words as always!!