Monday, August 15, 2011

Recess time...

My current assignments were starting to get frustrating so I gave myself some yarn-play time. By stepping away from the problem project for a bit and working on a super easy, fun & quick project (or rather projects), I am able to work out the problem at hand by not thinking so hard about it.

Here's what I am doing for fun...
Scribble scarf from the Mason Dixon knitting book.
I LOVE this pattern. It's fun and easy and pretty. This one is being worked in Cascade Kid Seta in Lilac # 19 and Tilli Tomas silk on US 17 needles.

And here is the other scarf. I am using some stash Malabrigo lace held doubled and a newly purchased skein of Cascade Rustic in a gorgeous blue colorway # 13. LOVE it! I am using US 15 needles and plan to block the scarf severely so as to open up the stitches for lightness.
Either one of these scarves would be appropriate for year round use here in the DEEP south as they are light but warm. But I am especially interested in summer use as some places around town have their air conditioners set on what feels like 32 degrees Fahrenheit. And while I could comfortably wear a more wintry scarf it just wouldn't look right, ha,ha.


  1. I'm always in awe (and envious) of talented knitters who have the skill to crochet beeautifully as well as knit. I fear my skills don't run to the latter. I love your croc in the previous post and the delicate scribble scarf is amazing, almost like a lilac cobweb. Thanks for your kind words about my Raggedy Ann. She's a big dolly (18in) and a real sweetheart, I love her to bits. It has been so wet in northern England this summer that I've been indoors a lot and so am making good progress with the pattern. Would you believe she has a cute a friend who should be ready by the end of the week. Of course there is a little dolly story brewing also. I'm writing the patterns at the moment. It's a long process as I like to be thorough and add lots of pics and description. I'm jcurrently trying to describe how to do Raggedy's hair . . . easy to do but less easy to put into words!!

  2. LOVE! I like both of them. It's so neat that the first one really looks like scribbles.