Thursday, August 25, 2011

Using the "Good Stuff"

(aka Sheepster Sneak Peak, Part 2)
Several weeks? months? years? ago I was babbling about giving myself permission to use the "good stuff". And went even further to say I was going to give myself permission to use the "good stuff" for toys, no less.

PERMISSION GRANTED. Sheepster is getting a posse and I'm using the good stuff.

One of Sheepsters' peeps is being worked in Desert Garden Farms handspun in the "Deep Blue Sea" colorway. Oh YEA!! I do love my blues and so does this sheep. He's chillin' to some smooth blues and keeping it kinda' old school-ish.

Another bud is being worked in Noro Silk Garden. YUMMY! This guy is getting in touch with his artsy side.

Then there's the blue faced leicester done up in Stitch Nation aquamarine and Rio De La Plata Yarns Fino Lana del Artista, which is sadly discontinued. Say it ain't so. I guess that makes him special and a little bit rare.

Oh and just for fun, let's visit with Mr. Cray one more THAT's what I'm talkin' about!! And so is THIS

I should re-name this post ...."and LISTENING to the good stuff".


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