Friday, August 5, 2011

WIP's & FWIP's...

What's an FWIP? A "future work in progress". That's what you see here with this yummy cake of green Shepherd's Wool.

What's it going to be? A frog. Yea, I know, there are fifty-eleven frog patterns in the world. But this one has a back story which is really quite funny and he HAS to be included in the mix. Plus he will be part of a duo of sorts and that's all I can say. I am designing him for Desert Garden Farms. Along with a farm animal. Should be fun.

Here's something fun, fast & super easy...
Pinky the zebra
I am crocheting this for a friend, whose nursery is going to be pink zebras. It's from a pattern called "Zeb the Zebra" by Janice Cyr of Madison's Craft Nook. I love it and all of her patterns!! So CUTE!!

Next is something I am really tickled about. It is a robot and is for no one in particular so it will most likely go to charity.  I am having so much FUN with this one, using the brightest of the bright colors. Pink and orange? Lime Green & Turquoise? Bring it on!! The more bright color  the merrier with this one. The pattern is called My Favorite Stuffie Rockin' Robots by Deb Richey of

Here's another FWIP...
It's going to be part of a toy, which is being tested as we speak. The main part of the pattern is worked in Stitch Nation Full O'Sheep, which I LOVE, (have I mentioned that single ply is my favorite ? Yep, I think I may have. If you haven't tried any Full O'Sheep, please do!! You won't be sorry).
At any rate, the accent part of the toy was originally knit in some beautiful tie-dye yarn by Jennifer at Desert Garden Farms. Because she is an indy dyer I wanted to find an alternate for the multi-colored yarn in the project. So here you have it.

Oh and here's an FO to share. It's a gator and was crocheted on the fly by me for my Dad. I wrote it down though so I may publish it after some testing &tweaking.

TGIF y'all!


  1. Your crochet toys are so cute! You are a talented designer.

  2. Love the gator! You just have to publish it! He's too cute not to! The pink Zebra is adorable! Can't wait to see the frog and farm animal design you create. Some little soul will love the robot. How very thoughtful of you. :)