Thursday, September 22, 2011

Visiting with Stacey and new releases....

Professional crochet designer Stacey Trock of Fresh Stitches & author of "Cuddly Crochet"  and the soon to be released, UBER cute book “Crocheted Softies”, invited me to be interviewed for her blog. I love Stacey’s work and was very honored by her request. The interview can be found here.

Among her numerous designs I think some of my favorites, (if I HAD to pick), are her Dale the Mosquito, which brings to mind the huge “skeeters” we have here in the deep south, Carlton the Striped Dog,  one of her super-sized/super huggable amigurumi & the teeny Rho, the Tiny Monster who is just adorably cute, as is Stacey, (you can see her posing with some of her toys on her various pattern pages).

Other than Stacy's soon to be released book I also want to announce that my Fish Story design went live today and can be found here.
closeup 2

grouping 3

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fish Story coming...

With the "cooler" weather of late it's a great time to go fishing.
fish worm closeup
Here's a knitted interactive toy designed for young children to help in the teaching of counting & color identification concepts as well as to provide plain old fun and make believe play. The pattern is simply knit using double point needles or circulars & less than 20 yards of yarn per fish & worm.
group on dock
Pattern to be released (hopefully) by week's end, on Ravelry. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Zoe & Josephine...closely knit friends on an adventure...

 Kelli (aka oneknitwit) & Melissa (aka twoknitwit) are two fun ladies who are also longtime acquaintances and now sisters-in-law & consequently great friends.  They share their love of the fibery arts on their blog  Girls in Sheep Clothing . Look at this cute picture of the two "girls in sheep clothing", I LOVE this!

It seems that the "girls" have come up with a fun project using dolls knit from my Maggie Beans & Friends pattern. They both knit a doll with their own customized touches and are ready to take the dolls on their various adventures. How fun is that?

Zoe - (photos borrowed from Girls in Sheeps Clothing blog)

Check out the gorgeous custom spun yarn hair & their adorable clothing. I really love this project which reiterates that one never outgrows playfulness & whimsy and am looking forward to reading about these dolls' adventures.

Don't you just love the names?


Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday FO ....

What can I say? Look at that cute face!!

The free pattern can be found HERE.

TGIF y'all!

photo by Coats & Clark

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Safe & sound...

Texture Bite has traveled to his new home where he is looking all cozy among the beautiful quilt & pillows.

photo(1) (2)
Thanks Julie, for the use of this cute picture! So glad that he made it safely and I hope he behaves himself!

25% increase in productivity...

I am FINALLY finished re-doing my craft room/home office/studio. Well practically finished anyway. I still need to add the switch plates, purchase & hang some blinds & tackle the huge mess in the walk in closet.

craft room 013
I am a neat-nik wannbe and LOVE things put way all orderly and neat.
craft room 003
Unfortunately another part of my personality is SUPER messy and a bit of a hoarder and practical organizational skills have passed me by entirely. So behold the order, it won't last.
craft room 016

craft room 009

craft room 011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday FO or what I did on my summer vacation ....

Here's one of the items I worked on over my "Summer Vacation" in Miami.
And it's available for free download at the site. They have some other adorable Halloween items such as an over sized purple top hat with orange hair, pirate hats for kids & various cute treat baskets. And it's a 3 day weekend. Perfect for getting a jump on Halloween & knocking out a few of those projects.
Photo by Coats & Clark

I have a really, really long list of things I need or want to get done on this 3 day weekend, but it's all good. 

Have a safe, fun weekend & TGIF!!