Monday, September 12, 2011

Fish Story coming...

With the "cooler" weather of late it's a great time to go fishing.
fish worm closeup
Here's a knitted interactive toy designed for young children to help in the teaching of counting & color identification concepts as well as to provide plain old fun and make believe play. The pattern is simply knit using double point needles or circulars & less than 20 yards of yarn per fish & worm.
group on dock
Pattern to be released (hopefully) by week's end, on Ravelry. 


  1. Great idea. I haven't seen anything like these before.

  2. Oh super cute! I made one (crochet) that I need to finish for my grandson before he grows out of it. This is just great and looks so nice.
    Will only let me post anonymous. :-/ De'Anna (Unique2wh0)

  3. Thanks for your comments everyone!!

  4. Very cute!! My one niece is about five and goes out fishing with her dad all the time. I wonder if she'd enjoy this (compared, I mean, to the real thing). :) Hmmmm, might be a great way to use up some remnants! XOXOXO

  5. my soon to be 2 year old nephew certainly needs to get this project from his auntie for Christmas this year

    can't WAIT for the pattern!!!