Sunday, September 11, 2011

Zoe & Josephine...closely knit friends on an adventure...

 Kelli (aka oneknitwit) & Melissa (aka twoknitwit) are two fun ladies who are also longtime acquaintances and now sisters-in-law & consequently great friends.  They share their love of the fibery arts on their blog  Girls in Sheep Clothing . Look at this cute picture of the two "girls in sheep clothing", I LOVE this!

It seems that the "girls" have come up with a fun project using dolls knit from my Maggie Beans & Friends pattern. They both knit a doll with their own customized touches and are ready to take the dolls on their various adventures. How fun is that?

Zoe - (photos borrowed from Girls in Sheeps Clothing blog)

Check out the gorgeous custom spun yarn hair & their adorable clothing. I really love this project which reiterates that one never outgrows playfulness & whimsy and am looking forward to reading about these dolls' adventures.

Don't you just love the names?



  1. Thank you for your kind words.

    I look forward to sipping through slowly, not to miss out on the flavors of your fabulous site.

    So happy to have found you,
    Thanks Miss Julep~


  2. Right back at 'cha!. Can't wait to see wht the "girls" do:)