Friday, October 21, 2011


Did you ever take your Mom's lipstick and eyeliner to draw an instant puppet on your hand? Simple and so much fun. Well here's another quick knit idea utilizing mate-less gloves & yarn scraps, designed to look like those "hand puppets" we goofed around with in our childhood. mouthy mitt3
All you have to do to animate this puppet is put the glove on, make a fist with your thumb tucked inside of the fist and start jibber jabbering. So much fun. Really! mouthy mitt
Add other embellishments such as hair made of feathers? yarn? Embroider some eyebrows perhaps. Better yet, let the "kids" customize it for one-of-a-kind cuteness.

Check out this Free pattern in my Ravelry shop!

Make time to play everyday!!
TGIF y'all!