Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Releases....

I've been sporadic in my posting. Lots of family business going on, but it's all good. Consequently I have several FO's and some releases to talk about.

First up are my Red Heart design releases. In addition to the Huggable Penguin I talked about last time, I have a small, ornament-sized penguin worked in Red Heart Soft. The colors are really nice in this line.

penguin 2


Next up is a knit version of the (crocheted) Pomp-a-poodle  I designed last year. The Red Heart editors named her Dominique. I like it. She is worked in Red Heart Super Saver and Pomp-a-doodle.
<VLUU L830  / Samsung L830>

Now I have a quick, fun knit to share called "Tippees".. It's a finger puppet pattern with a twist as I have sewn the finger puppets to the fingers of an orphaned glove. This helps the puppets to fit better over varying sizes of fingers and provides an opportunity to use that lonely glove.

These puppets could be used in conjunction with bedtime stories or for teachers working with young children. I love puppets of all types! They can be whatever you want them to be and children really relate to them.
Tippees Closeup 2
They are knit in Stitch Nation Washable Ewe by Debbie Stoller & Red Heart. I ADORE this yarn!! The colors are AWESOME but I suspected that they would be with Debbie Stoller at the design helm. Frankly I love all of her Stitch Nation yarn as they are brightly colored, without being garish. Oh and word has it that she is coming out with a painted-look, varigated in the Full O'Sheep line. I can't wait!!

Tippees 3

The other glove puppet pictured is called "Mouthy". She also uses an orphaned glove and is modeled after the  puppets we used to draw on our hands using our mother's eyeliner and lipstick. Both designs are super simple & super quick using mere scraps of yarn, but both have loads of imaginative play value. I will be releasing this pattern in the next few days, on Ravelry, so please stay tuned.


  1. I just gave a shout out in the Red Heart group to everyone who is doing the CAL for the Huggable Penguin to check out your sweet penguin ornament.

    I love all your designs...and Dominique is so sweet. I might have to knit her up one of these day. :)

    Blessings to you always and thank you for all the adorable patterns that you design. :)