Monday, October 31, 2011

Tote Tute....

Actually this is a tote HANDLE tute (tutorial). I have used this covered cord handle for several purses/totes such as this one and this one. This handle coupled with 4 crochet covered D-buckles is just the thing for use with chunky crocheted totes that will be carrying around bulky, chunky crochet & knitting supplies.
<VLUU L830  / Samsung L830>
Here's what you need;
Yarn of choice, worsted weight
G hook (use smaller than recommended by yarn label to insure a tightly crocheted cover)
(4) D-buckles (circular buckles can also be used)
1 yard 1" (or thickness of choice), cotton piping cord, (found in upholstery or notions section of fabric stores)
Tapestry needle, scotch tape, sharp scissors
<VLUU L830  / Samsung L830>
Cotton piping cord
<VLUU L830  / Samsung L830>

D buckle, (or you could also use a large jump ring like the ones used for keychains)

Preparing the Cording
Wrap cellophane tape around both ends of the cord, to keep it from fraying. <VLUU L830  / Samsung L830>


Rnd 1: Using small hook chain 6, (or enough to cover your cord without stretching too much as you want good coverage here. Don't worry, if it is a wee bit loose, which will actually make the crocheting easier to do), wrap this chain around cording & join with slip stitch.
Rnd 2: Ch 1, sc in same chain and in ea around.
Following Rnds:  : Continue working in un-joined spiral until desired length is covered.
<VLUU L830  / Samsung L830>
Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing.Set aside.

Covering the D Buckles
covering ring
  • Attach yarn to D buckle using a slip stitch.
  • Single crochet around the entire buckle. Push completed stitches together in order to make room for more stitches. You'll want lots of stitches so the metal will not show through. Single crochet  until you can no longer fit the stitches side by side and little or no metal can be seen.
  • push sts together
  • Finish off leaving yarn tail for sewing. Repeat steps for other 3 buckles.
  • 033

Attach buckles to tote by sewing along the top edge using the yarn tail, at evenly spaced intervals. Set aside.

  • Once the desired handle length is achieved, carefully cut the cord flush with the first row of stitches.
  • Likewise cut the cord at the end of the handle flush with the last row completed. Finish off leaving the yarn tail for sewing.
  • Thread the handle through the 4 buckles, match the two ends together, flush with one another. Using the yarn tail carefully sew the ends together using a whip stitch. Knot & trim excess.
  • sew the ends together
    <VLUU L830  / Samsung L830>
    Now my tote is ready to hold a BUNCH of treats!! Have a safe, fun Halloween y'all!!

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