Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A grand conglomeration of mediums...

gnome home 1Like so many crafters I sometimes flit from project to project or craft to craft, to suit my mood or needs. If you fit into this crafting type category then the Gnome Home pattern by Katie Startzman is for you.

I've said it before.... this pattern is awesome and then some. It is a multi-media crafters dream as it incorporates knitting & felting & embroidery & the use of a wire armature & doll making and so on.

The pattern is well written with so many wonderful photos that both instruct and inspire. gnome home aerial view In addition, I found that this pattern really got my mind cranking with so many ideas for furniture and curtains & needle felted mushrooms, etc. and it was all I could do to NOT add these embellishments and extra touches as I made this for a crafty 12 year old girl, who will probably enjoy doing her own embellishments. So in addition to the house and two fairies I am sending the young lady a kit that I made up that includes felt scraps,chenille wires, silk flower parts, wooden beads, glue and so on, so she can finish what I started.

Equally adorable and awesome is the Wee Folks book by Salley Mavor. That is where the pattern for the fairy dolls came from. Just looking at this book transports me to an enchanted little world. I just love it so much.

The projects in the book are also well written, photographed & diagrammed so that even children and beginning crafters can successfully make the projects.

gnome home 4 Both patterns compliment each other beautifully, as if they were designed by the same author.

Now that the project is fnished and almost ready to mail I can't help thinking that I am going to have to start another one of these just for the sheer joy of it.


  1. Very cute. :)

  2. This is just amazing! Melody would adore something like this.