Friday, December 2, 2011

TGIF,FO's & etc...

It's been a busy time already and I have a bunch of FO's to show for it. 013
Bubba Goober & Patio Possum  (aka Paddy O'Possum) - finished and sent on a trip of a lifetime to England, where they are currently rumored to be wreaking havoc in the recipients home. Bad goober! Behave now!

Next we have an addition to my Beer Can Couture line that I am very excited about...
Some of you may recall that my family just can't get enough beer can couture so I present my PBR tiaras. These 3 tiaras were custom made for my friends across the pond, who enjoy wearing a tiara from time to time so they accompanied Bubba G & Patio to England. Good times & CHEERS, y'all!! Don't forget to wear your crowns responsibly.

I also finished my Huggable Penguin, which was from a CAL hosted by my pal Stitchy McFloss.

She's going to make a nice gift for the local mammography department, I think.

Regarding the next FO, what can I say? I ADORE Anna Hrachovec's designs!! This one is from her Mochimochi Snowmen which I used as an inspiration for my felted ones. Upon receiving the pattern,I excitedly knitted one of the snowmen in about an hour. It turned out so cute that I decided to make 3 for an ornament swap that is going on today. Since I only had a couple of days to complete the snowmen, I decided to felt them using the same embroidery guidelines. I just love them. But I also love the knit version, which is how the designer intended for them to look. I plan to knit  & felt a bunch more of these guys in the very near future.
 MochiMochiland Snowmen Trio
MochiMochiland Snowmen 018

I told you I have a lot of FO's....
This scarf took a couple of hours and my daughter LOVES it! At this rate I could make her one in several color schemes...but I won't so as not to over do it.

I also have an FO that I can't show. It's for Valentine's day.

Here on the gulf coast, we LOVE parades and will queue one up at a moments notice for just about ANY occasion. And where there's a parade there will be throws; lots & lots of throws because no parade is complete without the perfunctory Mardi Gras beads, Moon pies & what-nots.

Well tonight is the annual Christmas parade in our town and I usually have the pleasure of driving one of the floats.  Tonight being no exception. My daughter usually deigns to ride shotgun and we end up laughing a lot and really feeling the spirit of the season, while chucking toys, beads & sweets to children along the parade route. Really GOOD times!!

Here we have the calm before the storm, haha...

TGIF y'all!! Don't forget to play today and have a great weekend!!


  1. Boy, you have been busy! Love the possum! Hate the real ones, though (shudder)!

  2. Wow, so many awesome projects! The crowns are spectacular. I need to make a penguin for Melody. That is one of her greatest loves. But she doesn't have one in PINK! It's her favorite color. The felted snowmen are so cute!

  3. Love the little snowmen... but oooooh! The Tiaras! Tooo clever! Love those!