Thursday, January 19, 2012

Copenhagen Update and Where's That on the Color Wheel?

OK, so the Copenhagen pillow top is DONE! Ends woven, piece blocked. However, the cashmere back did not happen. The sweaters were too small so I was going to do a patchwork back. Lining up corners in non-stretchy quilting cotton is hard enough but add to the mix the stretchiness of knits and the fact that my sewing skills are rusty and well, I wimped. The cashmere has been put away for some future crafty thing.

Instead I used a plaid upholstery fabric to make a complete slip cover. Again I wimped with the closure and used VELCRO, (say it ain't so). I know, a buttoned slip cover is so much better, without question. But I said I was rusty at the machine as evidenced by so many elementary mistakes, including not doing a great job at matching the plaid where edges joined. SO yes, I used VELCRO.

After sewing up a complete slip cover I attached the granny square top by handsewing it to the finished piece. I love this pattern and will definitely make it again. It was easy and fun and the join as you go is awesome. jan18 014 jan18 013 jan18 018 jan18 016

Now for the 2nd part of my title. About a month ago a friend of mine from Ravelry sent me a wonderful drop spindle and gorgeous fiber batt. Not wanting to learn on the "good stuff" I have been using remnants and bits of fiber that I already had for use in needle felting and doll construction.

The learning process is producing a lot of (questionable) handspun yarn(?) in random color schemes. SO yesterday I decided to take it for a test drive and knit with the handspun(?) for a while, just for fun. Due to my inexperience, the yarn is bulky, (super bulky).

Witness the color scheme for which I don't even have a descriptive name. I think I'm going to keep on with this, even in it's non-coordinated colors. I WAS going to make a scarf and really wear it but I just now had an idea. I am going to hang it and use it for holding some of my circular needles. Hmmm, that will be just the thing and I won't have to explain it everytime my non-fiber friends ask me "what the heck are you wearing?" jan18 003 jan18 002

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  1. Love your granny pillow. :) I took a few minutes and browsed through all of your patterns. LOVE!!! :) :) :)