Thursday, January 26, 2012

Progress and What's For Breakfast....

All of the knitting and crocheting for the nappy cake is done so it's just about embellishing, wrapping with clear cellophane & packing for the shipping. Once the diaper layers are made you need to "frost" them. After the "frosting" comes the embellishments, my favorite part!!

It kind of looks like a haphazard pile of stuff at this point. This is just a rough final draft.  Items will be added and rearranged and the cellophane wrap topped with an oversized bow will really finish the piece off and contain the mess. 

Now on to my breakfast project this morning.  I have a bunch of aluminum crochet  hooks that I love but my tired old hands like a more ergonomic handle so I only use the Etimo's right now.

So we've all seen the Sculpey, (polymer clay) covered hooks.  I just happen to have some Sculpey in my stash as well as a clay baking dedicated toaster oven, (thrift shop find) and a wonderful Atlas pasta machine, (also a thrift shop find). So this morning I decided to cover some hooks, (before work, I'm an early riser).

In between coffee and my shower I was able to roll out some clay, cover a few hooks & bake them. This is a very simple, fun & fast project. Sure there are some fine tuning steps, like lightly sanding and buffing and of course, making prettier clay cover designs but this was just an experiment as I've never done these before.

After baking at about 200 degrees for about 35 minutes, they were done. I promptly took them out and holding them by the hook end, (watch out they may be a little hot), I rubbed the handles while still warm with waxed paper, (I saw this tip somewhere online and it works well), in order to give them a bit of a finish.

Inspired by my Etimo's, I added a flattened thumb rest area. Oh and because the handle covered the size detail on the hook I put the US size letter in clay on each one. 

Bad photo, but you get the idea. Now to take them for a "test drive" for shape and fit. Then I'm off to the store to purchase more Sculpey in my favorite colors; turquoise & sky blue & teal & cobalt blue and all the blues in between, with a little white in the mix and maybe some other colors as inspiration hits. Ooo, and how about the colors to make leopard print & zebra stripes?

I will definitely be re-visiting this craft and will post some pictures to prove it.

Until then, take time out for fun today and a very special thank you to those of you who read my blog. 


  1. The cake is beautiful! You did such a wonderful can really tell it's being made for someone special because of all the love you put into it.

    The crochet hooks are pretty cool, too. I can't use the metal anymore, my old hands have to have something warm to hold onto...usually, I like it to be a hot coco, but a warm wooden crochet hook will work, too. :)

    Hope you have a great day.

  2. Thanks Vicki! I undestand about the hands but "food for thought": the polymer clay is also warm like wood should you decide that you need yet ANOTHER craft to pursue:)

  3. Very clever with the hooks! I was just at the dollar store today and saw a bevvy of hooks and actually used RESTRAINT and didn't buy any! I could only imagine these given as lovely gifties to friends.