Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Story of Clauderick...

The story you are about to read is true (for the most part), there really was a bullfrog who scared a real cow on the Desert Garden Farms Homestead and the folks at Desert Garden Farms really did move and are building a larger place and so on. As for Clauderick's motivation for executing this reign of terror, well the following is only hearsay and has not been corroborated by his pond mates. What evil lurks in the hearts of frogs?
Clauderick's humble beginnings...
(as told to me by Clauderick himself)

 I am born. 

When I grew my arms & legs I desired to leave the pond & join the circus so I went to mime school and was so happy.

A little girl befriended me but due to a tragic accident in which she squeezed me too tightly, I lost consciousness and suffered brain damage.

Suddenly I started experiencing violent urges. It started small at first; a bird here, a mouse there, never quite satisfied, always searching for bigger prey.

I’ll never forget the first time I actually swallowed a cat.

Next thing I knew I had moved on to dogs….where would this all end, had I no shame? No sense of right & wrong?

With every gulp came the insatiable appetite for MORE, MORE,MORE….

and so it went until the evil Clauderick was captured while scaring the stew out of the sweet and lovely 1100 pound Blossum, the dairy cow. The poor thing gave spoiled milk for a week after the incident in which he tormented her nightly with his eery, hair-raising croaks.

Well Clauderick's reign of terror is over and he must pay restitution. The only way to give Blossum her much needed peace of mind was to move the homestead. Please stay turned to this blog for the continuing saga, whereby the official Clauderick pattern will be released with 2/3rds of the proceeds going to Blossum and the subsistence homestead project at Desert Garden Farms.

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  1. ....and the saga continues.....

    great post! Love the frog...the eyes are so super cool. :)