Thursday, June 14, 2012

A quick update...

Here's what's been going on lately...
See that beautiful handspun ball of loveliness on the top of the pile?
Beginnings of a crocheted scarf/wrap done in gorgeous purple handspun from a Ravelry friend, mohair, silk & a couple of other novelty yarns. The mohair is sage but has taken on the color of Spanish Moss against the purple shades.

I've also been working on a ripple afghan because I never have crocheted one. I KNOW, right? Almost as unbelieveable as a crocheter not ever having made a granny square project, (finally did THAT last year). The afghan entails holding 2 strands of worsted and the use of a 10 mm hook for super fast results. Pictures to folow one of these days.

in Thurleigh Bedford, England.

This is their 2nd of what will hopefully continue to be an annual event. I really, REALLY wanted to go this year but have other huge family related plans at around the same time so I'll be staying stateside and living vicariously through photos, I hope. But hey, just because this Cinderella is staying home doesn't mean she can't get a little souvenir keepsake from the "ball".

HERE's what I'm getting: A KNITTING TOTE!

Back side lists Bristish sheep breeds

How much do I love this bag? SO much!  The sheep morphing into a ball of yarn is awesome! Would LOVE  this design in a t-shirt!

And for some background reading about Fibre East I borrowed their "about us" statement verbatum from their site ( I hope that was all right) and it is as follows;

About Us
"Fibre-East was conceived of, and is being developed, to benefit a specific community: individuals and small businesses working with wool and other natural fibres sourced in the UK, as well as the farmers who produce those fibres.
A place where everyone can meet - from prospective customers and consumers to small independent businesses promoting themselves to the wider crafting community.  We offer advice, demonstrations and workshops encouraging visitors to learn about the production of wool and other fibres and to acquire new skills in working with them and textiles that can be created from them.
Fibre-East 2011 established itself entirely from ‘own’ funding and due to the support it received, were able to generate sufficient surplus to re-invest in 2012 with the excess being used to make a donation to The Guild of Long Draw Spinners Great Wheel Fund.
Fibre-East will continue, year on year, to make available surplus funds (beyond what it needs to secure its own future activities) to the benefit of the wider crafting community it is aimed at.
These surplus funds will be accessible to students, schools, colleges, Guilds or other established Craft Groups by way of a Grant or Award to assist in the purchasing of textile arts equipment or materials.  
Full details of how to apply for this Grant or Award will be added to this website in the coming months.
On 8 January 2012, Fibre-East discovered that only £190 was needed to complete the fund raising for the Guild of Long Draw Spinners to reach the target of £900.
Using the power of Ravelry and Twitter, a challenge was issued that Fibre-East would issue two complimentary tickets to anyone who donated £5 and gave a 4 week timescale to achieve this.  The final total of £190 was achieved in 12 hours!!
The instruction to start building this wonderful wheel has now been given to Mr David Bryant.  Thank you to all who made this possible."
For more information check out the link at the beginning of this portion of the post.


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  1. The scarf is looking very pretty. :)

    Love the knitting bag. :)